DC Marine Construction, Inc. –  Our Approach

Many dream of relaxing on white sandy beaches, sipping on their favorite drinks with nothing but the crashing ocean waves and distant calls of seabirds surrounding them. Perhaps you have attained your dream with the acquisition of a waterfront property in the beautiful Melbourne area. 

As a marine contractor, it is our job to help you take control of your waterfront landscape and shape it into space that lets you relax in the way you want. Given the wide variety of builds we can service, renovate, or build out of scratch, our approach sets us apart from other builders. 

What if I ANot Sure of What I Want? 

Our process is customer-focused, meaning you call the shots on the many types of builds we can accommodate. Two things we observe all our customers wanting from waterfront marine construction services in Melbourne  are something to enhance the visual aesthetic of their property and something to increase the value of their property. 

With that in mind, our knowledge and expertise from over two decades in the business are at your disposal to ideate and create the build of your dreams. Good construction of any kind should never fit one size to everyone, so you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to express what you want from your build. 

How Do I Choose Who to GWith? 

Not all of our customers are experts in waterfront marine construction. This means that you, like others, may not always know how to determine the good from the bad when weighing your options. 

First, any reputable contractor should make available the type and identification of their licenses. We recommend combing through a contractor’s website to find the license type and number as proof of their certification and qualification to do what they say they can do. Red flags should pop up if you discover a contractor either lacks information on their licensing, or if their licensing seems irrelevant to the type of work they offer. 

The next important sign to look for involves insurance. Honest contractors should show their willingness to protect customer interests in the form of ongoing insurance. Builder insurance exists to cover all involved parties in the event an accident occurs at any point during the construction process. 

Experienced contractors may not want to acknowledge the possibility of job-related accidents for fear of scaring customers away, but the risk always exists in spite of any level of skill or experience a contractor may have. As such, a contractor willing to show proof of insurance demonstrates transparency that something unexpected may happen, but that whatever may happen will have protection and financial coverage. 

Any contractor who has operated for more than a few years can say they have lots of experience. Another point to set one company apart from competitors has to do with the materials used in the building process. A contractor’s choice of building materials can reveal a lot about their true nature. Someone can build the most beautiful, polished dock you have ever seen, but it will deteriorate quickly without the proper materials. 

The final point to consider when trying to decide on a company is finding trustworthy evaluations of their work. In short, we advise you to see what previous customers say about their experiences, but word of mouth can be a powerful diagnostic as well. A large number of positive or negative reviews can indicate the type of experience you would have as a customer as well. 

With that said, we urge you to scrutinize DC Marine Construction according to each point we outlined above and to make a decision with absolute confidence in who you hire. Get in touch with DC Marine Construction, Inc. today and begin the process.