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If you are in the market for a new dock piling construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County, look no farther than DC Marine Construction, Inc. We can take care of all your dock construction needs, from decking to dock pilings. Our professionals use only the best quality materials so that your dock will stand the test of time, all while protecting the waters during construction. 

Top Boat Dock Builders in Melbourne, FL 

When it comes to boat dock building in Melbourne & Brevard County, DC Marine Construction, Inc. uses marine-grade decking to resist the sun, sand, and storm of coastal properties. Here are some of the types of docking projects we can provide for your property:  

  • Boat waterfront docks 
  • Dock pilings 
  • Floating waterfront docks 
  • Dock ladders 
  • Custom waterfront docks 
  • Dock railings 
  • Dock stairs 
  • Flow-through waterfront docks 
  • Wooden waterfront docks 
  • Composite waterfront docks 

Choosing to build or upgrade a dock with composite or flow-through decking provides a waterproof, UV-resistant structure with a skid-resistant texture that makes it safe and secure to walk on. Flow-through decking keeps your dock safe even if water levels rise during storm surges. 

Top-of-the Line Dock Piling in Melbourne

The dock piling we use is the best in the industry, guaranteed to be straight, high quality, and consistent. We offer the following types of piling:  

  • Treated Wood Dock Piling. A classic choice for dock piling, the treated wood piling we use is Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), approved for saltwater use. The piling contains a treatment of 2.5 pcf to guarantee maximum protection against salt, air, and wood-boring insects. 
  • Greenheart Dock Piling. Three times stronger than pine or fir piling, Greenheart dock piling is naturally resistant to wood-boring insects, decay, and rot. This wood can last decades without any need for treatment. 
  • Fiberglass Dock Piling. The best marine dock piling on the market, fiberglass piling looks exceptional and will pass the tests of time without rotting, rusting, or crumbling. 

Reliable Boat Dock Repair Company in Melbourne, Florida 

If your dock is old, splintering, and rotting, DC Marine Construction, Inc. is a boat dock repair company in Melbourne in Brevard County that will help give it new life with composite or flow-through decking. We can also repair decaying piling using PVC and concrete, making your dock piling up to five times more robust than it was initially. 

Dock Piling Repair in Melbourne

We can repair rotting dock piling without the costly and time-consuming need to remove piles or using unsightly support piles bolted to your rotting ones. We use a snag-on PVC sleeve that extends 10 to 12 inches below the mud up to your dock. We then fill this sleeve with concrete, stopping your piling from rotting and extending its lifespan for 50 or more years.  In addition, we also offer seawall construction services in Melbourne.

A dock piling repair with DC Marine Construction, Inc. is quick, affordable, and environmentally safe. Not only that, but your dock piling will be stronger.


Custom Boat Dock Builders  DC Marine Construction, Inc. 

Your boat dock is not just a place to park and access your boat. It is also a place to relax on the water and escape the stresses of the land. We can help take your dream dock and turn it into reality.  

No matter where you are in the process, DC Marine Construction, Inc. can help design, plan, and build your new wooden marine-grade dock. Once you have settled on a design, we use only the highest-quality materials to craft your custom dock using cutting-edge techniques.

Once we have finished, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your time on the water. 

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DC Marine Construction can handle all of your dock construction and repair needs in and around Melbourne, Florida. Get in touch with us today whether you are looking for a new boat dock, dock piling repair, or a custom dream dock, DC Marine Construction is the dock piling construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County to work with.

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