Waterfront Marine Construction Services in Melbourne, FL 

DC Marine Construction, Inc. offers the best waterfront marine construction services in Melbourne and Brevard County, Florida. Take an instance where you have finally purchased the home of your dreams tailored to your needs, and yet you find the waterfront area a bare and inaccessible place that would force you to swim up to your boat each time you want to go for a ride. Alternatively, you do find a dock behind your property, but it is riddled with water damage and rot. 

As experienced marine contractors in the Melbourne area, we stand ready to solve your problem, wherever the issue may lie. Our team at DC Marine Construction has just the build to suit the unique circumstances surrounding any customer who comes our way. 

Having been in operation for more than two decades, we have seen just about anything that can come out of a residential or commercial property in Melbourne and Brevard County. As a result, our highly customizable services include the repair, renovation, or new construction of: 

Boat docks construction

Boat custom houses 

Boat lifts installation

Jet ski lifts installation

Sea walls construction

Top Custom Dock Builders in Melbourne and Brevard County

Being the best dock builders in Melbourne & Brevard County, we do not just build access paths for marine environments. We build our waterfront docks as auxiliary entertainment and storage spaces where families and companies can host memorable waterfront occasions. 

The process begins with a thorough planning step where we identify and outline everything you want from your build. Our team members will treat you with respect to transparently inform you about what we can and cannot do. 

Then, we go to work, assembling your build using the best materials available to ensure our quality work makes the best use of our fine materials in providing value with longevity. For custom boat docks, we only use high-quality marine-grade lumber with driven piles to ensure the whole structure will stand up to the salt, water, sunlight, and extreme temperature conditions that come with the environment. 

Boat House & Boat Lift Construction Contractor in Melbourne, Florida

The National Marine Manufacturers Association estimated the total sales value of boats, marine products, and marine services at $41 billion in 2018. With a single unit price of up to several thousands of dollars, boats represent significant financial investments rivaling that of automobiles.

Understanding this, we work hard to protect your investment with the highest quality one can ask for from a boat lifts installation company in Melbourne in Brevard County, Florida. 

We utilize the same approach as with any of our other services to personalize your build, and then execute with top-notch materials. For our boat lifts, we use marine-grade 316 stainless steel fasteners, MasterDeck™ pressure-treated decking, and a slow and steady approach to assemble every part to perfection. 

Best Residential Vinyl Seawall Construction Contractors in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida – DC Marine Construction, Inc. 

Sometimes, the waterfront can crash with a bit too much volume and force. Seawalls provide long-lasting protection from erosion and waves, increasing residential and commercial property value. 

Let our expertise and our materials speak to the quality we have produced in over 20 years building vinyl seawalls and providing other marine services to Melbourne residents. We exclusively utilize high-quality vinyl corrugated with concrete or wood caps to construct a solid seawall that will not deteriorate or crumble any time soon after job completion. 

We are a seawall construction company in Melbourne in Brevard County, Florida, that takes pride in our work and in the legacy we build collaboratively with our customers. Each of the services we provide hone in on the individual needs of every customer, since waterfront properties come in diverse shapes, sizes, and conditions in the Melbourne area. 

We are your local experts on everything related to waterfront marine construction and stand ready to answer your concerns with individualized and undivided attention. Consult with us today for a free estimate get personalized waterfront marine construction services in Melbourne from the best marine contractors.