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DC Marine Construction, Inc. is the number #1 dock builder in Melbourne and Brevard County, Florida. Our team takes pride in our work to serve customers with respect and integrity. When working with us, you are guaranteed to receive individualized attention to your unique needs and flexibility to ensure our work never gets in the way of your schedule. 

We find that a lot of our customers react with surprise when they discover just how much personality we can incorporate on their behalf into a build. After all, we strive to enhance your property. Our highly skilled professionals can provide a wide array of various waterfront marine construction services in Melbourne, including new construction, repair, or enhancement of the following: 

Boat docks construction

Custom Boat houses 

Boat lifts installation

Jet ski lifts installation

Corrugated vinyl sea walls 

Professional Waterfront Marine Construction Company in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida

At DC Marine Construction, Inc., we understand that a successful build requires quality in both craftsmanship and materials. To ensure your investment as a customer does not wash away with the elements, we have spared no expense in vetting the materials and vendors we use to make sure our work lasts. 

Across the board, we only use high-quality marine-grade lumber and piles. Paying so much attention to builder’s materials is necessary due to the harsh environmental conditions surrounding any type of work involving sea water. 

Ill-suited materials quickly deteriorate under constant exposure to sunlight, salt, water, drastic temperature changes, and a whole host of other external factors introduced by bad coastal weather. These conditions set waterfront marine construction apart from general contracting, as every marine build must endure an environment of constant motion and stress. 

Knowing this, we select our specialized materials based on careful research. Our specialized materials include the following: 

  • Vinyl corrugated with concrete or wood caps for sea walls 
  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel fasteners and concrete caps 
  • High-quality, marine-grade lumber
  • Marine-grade piles 
  • MasterDeck™ pressure-treated decking 
  • Varios DuraDeck & SUNDEK branded product

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We feel a responsibility to elaborate on our choices for materials in the interest of addressing one of many crucial points involved when deciding on a dock building company in Melbourne and Brevard County, Florida. We thoroughly train our team members at DC Marine Construction, Inc. to treat customers with respect by communicating in simple and honest terms. 

In other words, our customers expect transparency when consulting with us on a project idea. We will tell you what will work and what will not in a straightforward manner to keep you informed and a project moving forward without any confusion. 

For instance, we do not service or build offshore structures due to a series of significant risks uniquely associated with offshore structures. Our decision regarding offshore structures comes from a series of research studies available for perusal online that speak to the dangers and risks that you will not find with shore-fixed structures. Here are some examples: 

  • Sewage and water pipes face greater risk of damage exposure from biofouling. 
  • Lack of shore-based reinforcements expose structures to direct high-power stress. 
  • Offshore structures do not have even close to the amount of research shore-based structures have for best building practices. 

As a result, we offer a wide variety of services for customers interested in waterfront marine construction, though we exclude offshore structures to separate customers from risks involving personal safety and loss of monetary investment. We do this to protect your interests. 

With that said, we would like to point you to the customer reviews when trying to decide who to choose for your next project. Unfettered customer feedback will offer the most honest evaluation of an experience with any company, not just ours. Get in touch with the best dock builder in Melbourne and Brevard County, Florida, today!

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