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DC Marine Construction, Inc. is a reputable waterfront marine construction company in Melbourne, Florida. Elevate coastal living with an investment in marine construction. The dream does not have to stop at the acquisition of a waterfront property, as there are several ways to enhance a home’s visual aesthetic while increasing property value. 

DC Marine Construction, Inc. has been doing just that for over 20 years—helping Melbourne and Brevard County residents get their residential and commercial properties to the next level with peerless craftsmanship and personalized service. Several customizable options exist to transform your property into something extraordinary. 

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Premier Melbourne & Brevard County Boat Dock Builder


What is a place to lounge in a chair, admire the sunset, and make lifelong memories, all wrapped up in one package? While other answers may exist, a waterfront dock in Melbourne fits the bill just as well as any other option. 

Several parts go into setting a boat dock apart from something that simply allows foot traffic to a boat mooring. DC Marine Construction, Inc. is a boat dock builder in Melbourne and Brevard County that uses superior materials, precise persistence, intimate knowledge of local weather conditions, and copious amounts of experience.  

Even so, modern design choices provide innovative ways of personalizing a boat waterfront dock to represent more than just a footpath. The list of possible designs is limited only by your imagine, but commonly includes: 

  • Floating boat waterfront docks 
  • Swim boat waterfront docks 
  • Flow-through boat waterfront docks 
  • Multi-level boat waterfront docks 

No amount of design matters, however, without quality craftsmanship to ensure the longevity of any build. Our team members at DC Marine Construction, Inc. understand the foremost importance of the safety of our customers but also the frustration of a fruitless investment. 

Our wooden boat waterfront docks are made with marine-grade lumber that can withstand wide temperature changes and destructive marine organisms, constant exposure to moisture, salt buildup, and other conditions of the elements as they are pressure-treated with preservative solution providing environmental benefits and decades of protection. As a result, what our customers receive upon the completion of a project is the seal of great craftsmanship combined with vast experience with local environmental conditions. 

Waterfront Marine Construction Services in Brevard County, Florida


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Reliable and Trusted Waterfront Marine Construction

Company in Melbourne & Brevard County, FL

  • Savings on Marine Environment Roofing Products

    DC Marine Construction Inc. has the ability to put a variety of marine environment roofing products since we are State Certified Roofing Contractors

  • High Quality Marine Grade Materials

    Our experienced craftsmen only use marine grade materials that will withstand the harsh coastal weather conditions in Florda.

  • Always Investing in Top Of The Line Equipment

    We take pride in our craftsmanship and always invest in the best equipment for all of our marine construction projects.

Best Boat Lifts Installation Contractor in Melbourne, Florida

A logical reason to build a waterfront dock stems from ownership of a boat. One crucial aspect of boat care centers on keeping it out of water—a fact perhaps not immediately familiar to newer boat owners.  

Leaving a boat in salt water introduces significant risk of damage from constant exposure to sunlight, salt, water, and temperature changes. Not only can exposure to such conditions compromise the external appearance, but the boat’s structural integrity can also become brittle and more prone to significant damage. 

The primary function of a boat lift involves keeping a boat out of water, lifting and holding a vehicle that can weigh up to several thousands of pounds, but the boat waterfront dock must be strong enough to support the lift and the boat. Balanced weight distribution and efficiency of load-bearing structures start off an extensive list of components essential to a properly functioning boat lift. 


Boat lift construction does not end with fulfilling the functional requirements thereof. In fact, boat lifts can follow tailored designs for different types of maritime vehicles. The following are several types of modifications for boat lifts by vehicle type: 

  • Jet ski lift installation
  • Kayak davit installation
  • Sling boat lift installation
  • Motor boat lift installation
  • Gheenoe lift installation
  • Shoreline boat lift installation

A boat lift is more than a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why finding a boat lift installation company in Melbourne & Brevard County such as DC Marine Construction, Inc. capable of personalizing a project to your individual needs is so important. Anyone can speak on their own behalf and tote their skills. For a lift to stand the test of time, however, a contractor must do the same to demonstrate competency.  

Brevard County’s #1 Boat Dock Building Company 

DC Marine Construction, Inc. wooden boat waterfront docks have helped protect the maritime investments of Melbourne residents for over two decades through their great craftsmanship, securing and protecting boats. Allow our previous work to speak for itself. We welcome anyone researching builders in the Melbourne, FL area to browse through our customer reviews and get a glimpse of the type of experience we create for those we serve. Contact our waterfront marine construction company in Melbourne today to get a quote. 

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