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DC Marine Construction, Inc. is the #1 boat lifts construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida. In 2019, the United States Coast Guard reported a tragic total of 4,168 accidents, 613 of which ended in fatal occurrences. The overall financial loss totaled about $55 million in property damages resulting from recreational boating accidents. 

These statistics do not suggest every accident occurred as a result of less-than-ideal storage practices, but they do underscore the importance of safety with regard to recreational boat use. Safety can begin with proper care and storage of recreational boats in the form of well-constructed boat lifts to protect your maritime investment. 

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Premier Boat Lifts Installation Company in Melbourne

Contrary to uninformed opinions, the ideal place for a boat lies outside of the water. Constant exposure to fresh or seawater introduces a risk of hydrolysis. In other words, your boat may gradually dissolve and deteriorate just by being in water. Having a Melbourne custom boat house designed by DC Marine Construction, Inc. will make your boat be in operation for a long time without any damages.

As a result, a boat lift carries the primary purpose of lifting and suspending your boat out of the water for easy storage. A properly built lift should do the heavy work for you in getting your boat out of water when not in use, and gently lowering it back in when needed. 

Our services in boat lift installation in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida, separate themselves from others by way of three focal points: intimate knowledge of local environmental conditions, high-quality building materials, and persistent focus on your needs. We at DC Marine Construction, Inc. offer this entire package every time to each and every of our customers. 

Local Experts 

DC Marine Construction, Inc. is not just a waterfront marine construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County. Each of our team members resides in the local area, allowing us to augment standard boat lift installation practices with knowledge that comes from living here. 

This allows us to provide customizable builds not just limited to withstanding normal marine conditions, but capable of thriving in the conditions unique to our region. A DC Marine Construction, Inc. build increases property value and enhances visual aesthetic as it should, but will embody Melbourne’s local charm with resilience to withstand the elements. 

Trustworthy Building Materials 

Everything we use in a boat and jet ski lifts installation in Melbourne & Brevard County measures up to the highest standards we have in protecting our customer’s interests. Only following stringent research and evaluation do we finalize our selection of materials, which include:

  • Vinyl corrugated with concrete or wood caps for sea walls 
  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel fasteners and concrete caps 
  • High-quality, marine-grade lumber
  • Marine-grade piles 
  • MasterDeck™ pressure-treated decking 
  • Varios DuraDeck & SUNDEK branded product

We welcome customer scrutiny of our materials in the interest of transparency. Our commitment to securing your investment is reflected in our willingness to put our money where our mouth is for materials that will last. 

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Attention to Detail

Each of our boat lift contractors in Melbourne & Brevard County undergoes thorough training to ensure consistency in what we communicate to customers, which includes honesty, courtesy, and respect. We put this principle into our work by making sure a build not only addresses what you as the customer wants, but by adjusting to the personal touches that make it yours. 

This commitment underscores the importance for us to invest in our customers’ successnot just with high-quality materials, but also with contractors insurance and regular evaluations to keep all of our team members up to a high standard. 

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#1 Boat Lift Contractors in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida

All of these points lay the foundation for what we strive to provide for every customer who chooses to work with us. We happily advise prospective customers to check out what our previous customers have said about our quality and integrity. 

At DC Marine Construction, Inc., building our customers’ dreams of luxurious waterfront living is what we’re all about. Contact the best boat lifts construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County today for a quote with fast and friendly service. 

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