Melbourne’s Trusted Residential Seawall Construction Company  

residential-vinyl-seawall-melbourneAs you browse the services that a marine construction company in Melbourne might provide, you’ll likely come across seawall construction as one of the listed options. Though it may seem like a structure that only commercial marine operations might need, residential properties on the coast can also benefit from seawalls.   

Residents that live on Florida’s coast should consider hiring a residential seawall construction company in Melbourne if there isn’t a seawall already in place on their property. Even if there is an existing seawall on your waterfront, it might be wise to hire seawall installers to replace the old wall with an updated vinyl one.  


Why Install a Seawall in Melbourne? 

Seawalls help prevent erosion on properties located next to oceans, lakes, rivers, bays, and canals. Not only do seawalls protect your land from the effects of erosion, but they also can stop flooding that happens from rising tides. The benefits of these structures can make living on the waterfront more enjoyable.  

If you’re uncertain if your property could benefit from installing a seawall, contact a local marine construction company. Many of these companies offer property inspections as a part of their services. After your inspection, the seawall contractor can advise whether or not a seawall would be beneficial.  


Different Types of Seawalls in Melbourne, Florida

Seawalls come in a few different styles. Wood seawalls are an inexpensive option to take care of your flooding and erosion issues but are prone to rot. A concrete seawall is a sturdy alternative that can last for years if you maintain them properly. However, if the concrete cracks, water will leak into the interior and cause internal steel supports to rust and weaken.  

Seawalls made of rocks, known as rip rap seawalls, appeal to many homeowners because they have a more natural allure than other seawalls. While rip rap seawalls have less of an environmental impact than other styles, they don’t provide the stability that some coastal properties may need.  


The Case for Vinyl Seawalls 

Vinyl seawalls are one of the best options for the majority of coastal property owners. Seawalls made from vinyl have many different benefits that make themvinyl seawall slider one of the most effective styles.

Primarily, these walls don’t need much maintenance and are inexpensive in comparison to other seawall types. Unlike wood, vinyl will not rot and remains mostly unaffected by saltwater.   

Additionally, UV rays from the sun won’t degrade the integrity of the vinyl. Its resilience means that vinyl structures can protect your property for 50 years or more.

As a homeowner, you will appreciate the speed of installation, too. Additionally, many vinyl seawall manufacturers include a generous warranty with their product to guarantee your seawall against damages. 


A Residential Seawall Construction Company in Florida 

DC Marine Construction, Inc. offers full-service coastal construction in Melbourne, FL. We provide construction of boat lifts, boat docks, and seawalls for residential and commercial properties. Our seawall contractors also perform seawall repairs to prevent structural damage and correct issues caused by natural wear and tear.   

Please feel free to contact our crew at 321-419-1361 with any questions about how we can provide service for your waterfront property.