Dependable Boat Lifts Installation Company in Melbourne, FL 

Many boat owners that live on the Florida coast prefer boat lifts over traditional mooring when docking their vessels. Instead of tying your boat to the dock’s piles, a boat lift offers much more security for your boat in times when you’re off the water. Some boat lifts even have roofs that provide additional protection from the sun that might otherwise cause fading.   

Many marine contractors highly recommend utilizing a boat lifts installation company in Melbourne for your dock. There are a few different factors to take into account before installing, though. Each type of boat lift is advantageous in its own right, depending on the application.  


Different Styles of Boat Lifts 

Some of the most common boat lifts are the bottom standing lift, piling mount lift, floating lift, and shore mounted lift. Bottom standing lifts have their own set of legs and stand beside your dock. These lifts function best in locations with firm ground and water less than 10 feet deep. Piling mount lifts connect directly to your dock’s foundational piling and often need access to electricity.  

Floating lifts also operate by electric power and use pumps to flood and displace water in plastic or metal chambers. This displacement causes the lift to sink or rise, depending on if you are docking or setting out. Shore mounted lifts are inclines on the shoreline with a ramp that reaches into the water. To dock your boat, you maneuver it onto the lift. Then, you pull the boat out of the water with a winch.  


How To Select a Boat Lift 

Since different lifts have unique requirements, you’ll have to consider all aspects of their operation. Determine if you have the means to install an electric lift or if you need a manual option. You might have to secure a permit to install your lift, as well. You should always make sure your installation is in line with local regulations, too.   

The location of your dock can also determine what kind of lift you need. Make sure to factor in the water height, average water traffic, and water conditions as you look at different lifts on the market. 


Benefits of a Boat Lift in Melbourne

Boat lifts offer many benefits for boaters. Primarily, a boat lift provides security and protection for your vessel. A lift will prevent your boat from dock damage due to mooring and protect it from the effects of prolonged exposure to marine vegetation like algae.   

A boat lift is also a time-saving convenience for you. Without the need to launch your boat from a ramp each time you want to use it, you’ll be sure to have more time out on the water.  


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