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DC Marine Construction, Inc. is a top Seawall construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida. Seawalls are critical in the prevention of erosion on waterfront properties. With the heavy rains Florida can expect during May through October, erosion can cause significant property damage if the proper structures are not in place.  

Waterfront property is an excellent investment with many benefits. However, a wise owner will take care to protect that property with a seawall by engaging the services of a waterfront marine construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County. It is your best defense against erosion and the damage it can cause.  

DC Marine Construction, Inc. has skilled contractors that can handle all your seawall construction needs in Melbourne and surrounding areas. 

Best Seawall Construction Contractors in Melbourne, Florida 

Known for our years of experience, we can determine the best solution for your shoreline, including:  

  • Vinyl seawalls 
  • Retaining walls 
  • Revetment walls 
  • Seawall erosion repair 

The Florida shoreline presents many unique variations depending on where your property resides. DC Marine Construction Inc. is a seawall construction contractor in Melbourne in Brevard County that will custom design and install the seawall to protect your property best. 

Top Seawall Installers in Melbourne, Florida

Suppose your waterfront property is sinking, or you notice the ground shifting, especially after heavy rains and tropical storms. In that case, you will need to have a seawall installed. DC Marine Construction, Inc. can handle your residential seawall construction and provide you with quality craftsmanship to stand up to all nature has to offer. We also offer boat lift installation services in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida.

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DC Marine Construction, Inc’s Marine-Grade Corrugated Vinyl Seawalls 

Our marine-grade vinyl seawall construction Melbourne & Brevard County materials are our #1 recommendation for new seawall construction and in repairing failing seawalls. New to the seawall scene, vinyl has a lifespan of 50 years or more and comes in various color options. A vinyl seawall is less likely to corrode or crack than other seawall construction materials and it has one of the tightest, strongest techniques to prevent water intrusion.

DC Marine Construction Inc’s marine-grade corrugated vinyl seawall construction material has been preferred by Floridians due to its durability against excess sun and heat while remaining low maintenance.

DC Marine Construction, Inc. Custom Seawall Services 

Depending on your specific needs and product availability, we might be able to build or repair your seawall from a variety of other marine-grade construction materials that include:  

  • Steel. Steel is the most common material used in seawalls. Though a bit more expensive, steel is the strongest of any seawall material choice. There are also no height limitations when using steel. Steel does require a protective coating and periodic maintenance, though a properly caredfor steel seawall can last over 25 years. 
  • Concrete. Strong and long-lasting, concrete seawalls can last more than 30 years. Concrete requires routine maintenance to fill cracks and holes caused by constant exposure to the ocean. 
  • Aluminum. Resistant to corrosion, aluminum is lightweight and an excellent choice for smaller seawalls. Its lighter qualities are not sturdy enough for taller projects or those requiring installation into a hard surface. 
  • Timber. The lowest-cost option for seawalls, timber installations are made of vertically placed logs covered in planks. These seawalls are great for waterways due to their strength against turbulent waves. They are prone to rot unless adequately treated and challenging to install into hard ground. 

Residential Seawall Construction Company in Melbourne & Brevard County, Florida 

You need to take many factors into account when building a seawall. Two critical items to consider are the proximity of the seawall to the water and the average wave height around the installation area. DC Marine Construction, Inc. will work with you and make recommendations about which type of seawall and what materials will work best for your seawall installation.  

Fully licensed, our engineers can handle a variety of different residential seawall options:  

  • Vertical seawalls: built straight up to prevent waves from eroding the shoreline 
  • Curved seawallsbuilt similar to vertical seawalls but with a wavelike curve at the top that helps lessen the impact of larger waves 
  • Mound seawalls: the least expensive type of seawall, made from piles of stone or concrete; the incline of the mound’s slope reduces the force at which waves hit 

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In need of seawall construction in or around Melbourne, FL? DC Marine Construction, Inc. can provide you with several options that are both beautiful and functional. Give DC Marine Construction, Inc., the best Seawall construction company in Melbourne & Brevard County a call at  to schedule an estimate. 

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