The DC Marine Construction, Inc. Family

Meet The Owners

As a family who spends most of their time on the water, David and Colleen wanted a dock and boat lift of their very own.  David is a State Certified General Contractor, avid fisherman, and boating enthusiast. This sparked David to pursue his passion and dream of owning a dock company!

You might recognize David and Colleen as the owners of Melbourne, FL’s favorite roofing company, DC Roofing, Inc. and the same superior customer service philosophy holds true. DC Marine Construction Inc. takes pride in their customer satisfaction and that’s why their motto is, “Let us Do Your Dock Right the First Time!”

In their spare time, the Arambula family spends as much time as they can on the water. Both David and Colleen are avid boaters. They love to scuba dive and fish, and in some cases, do both at the same time! David and Colleen welcomed the newest addition to their family in 2020, David Junior. They hope one day Junior can carry on the family business.

What Makes Us Different

David and his wife Colleen are also both State Certified Roofing Contractors which gives DC Marine Construction Inc. the ability to put a variety of marine environment roofing products on your boat house without hiring another contractor. This allows DC Marine Construction Inc. to pass those savings directly onto you!

Another thing that sets DC Marine Construction Inc. apart from the competition is their brand-new, top of the line equipment. DC Marine Construction Inc. uses a fully hydraulic integrated 30 ft Aluminum Work Barge with a Palfinger 16,000 lb. hydraulic knuckle boom capable of lifting 40 ft pilings in the air. The barge also has a Pneumatic 1,000 lb. hammer for driving pilings and a fully integrated Jet Pump for jetting pilings in.